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MKL for Scilab 6.0 08/08/2015 Antoine ELIAS 7648078 MKL for Scilab 6.0
CHM Help Files for Scilab 6.0 22/02/2013 Allan CORNET 614923 CHM Help Files for Scilab 6.0
Scilab on Usb key 16/12/2010 23834 Scilab on Usb key
Signal Processing Using Scilab 25/02/2012 manas das 22764 This document gives an overview of signal processing using scilab
Notepad++ styles for Scilab 5.5 syntax colorization + functions completion & args reminder 31/07/2015 Samuel Gougeon 20072 keywords colorization, functions completion & args reminder with Notepad++ for Scilab and ATOMS
Scilab SSE optimized 16/12/2010 14050 Scilab SSE optimized
Scilab Style for Notepad++ 17/01/2012 adrien vogt-schilb 11846 For syntax highlighting, functions autocompletion and input args memo
Curve Fitting for Ogden, Yeoh and Polynomial Models 09/01/2018 Michael Rackl 11738 Fits different order hyperelastic material models to tension/compression and simple shear data
Computational Convex Analysis 04/05/2017 Yves Lucet 9405 Algorithms for manipulating and visualizing convex functions.
polyfit 05/10/2012 javier carrero 5204 polynomial fit of data sets
Real-time Temperature Monitoring and Control 17/12/2016 A. Khorshidi 4868 Fully open-source, low-cost solution to real-time temperature monitoring and control
optimization using scilab 25/02/2012 manas das 4843 This document gives an overview of optimization using scilab
Peaks detector 24/11/2011 Jean-Luc GOUDIER 4303 Function peaks=peak_detect(signal [,threshold]) is a fast and simple peaks detection on a signal
Spherical harmonics 03/03/2011 Tadayuki Nakajima 4292 Spherical harmonics that employ the Condon-Shortley phase
complete graph 14/02/2011 david adams 4190 Creates a complete graph with N vertices
Character Recognition Example 07/03/2011 Chin Luh Tan 4162 This demo shows the recognition stage for the character recognition.
Speech Analysis using LPC 13/03/2011 Chin Luh Tan 4128 A GUI for Speech Analysis using LPC
Thermodynamic properties 11/05/2015 Oleksiy Bondarenko 3984 Thermodynamic properties of species
Modulation PSK_QAM 18/02/2013 jean-claude maurin 3783 This script illustrates the PSK and QAM modulation
3D mesh export from Scilab to Blender 12/01/2013 Albert TERRAS 3756 This program converts a matrix or a surface into a 3D mesh (.raw file) compatible with Blender.
Filtrage Numerique 07/08/2015 jean-claude maurin 3723 GUI Digital Filter IIR FIR
Image Compression using SVD 08/05/2011 Aditya Sengupta 3496 This is an example of Image Compression in Scilab using Singular Value Decomposition
BIOE (Basic Input Output Elements) 27/11/2010 Weichinger Klaus 3491 A low-cost do it yourself open-hardware automation system
Exemples de l'article Elektor n° 403, janvier 2012 11/01/2012 Clement DAVID 3421 Xcos : modeleur/simulateur de systèmes dynamiques hybrides - exemples
TelecomToolbox 08/02/2010 Albert TERRAS 3411 Similation of digital encoding (NRZ,Manchester) and ASK,PSK,FSK and QAM modulations
Exemples de l'article elektor 110491 Scilab 30/08/2011 Vincent COUVERT 3312 Exemples de l'article elektor 110491 Scilab
Modulation ASK_FSK 11/05/2013 jean-claude maurin 3145 This script illustrates the ASK and FSK modulation
ADS_CoLiSyS 11/02/2012 J. Ernesto Velázquez L. 2721 GUI for the Analysis, Design, Simulation & Control of Linear Systems in Continuous and Discrete Time
Export Scilab matrices to LaTeX 17/01/2014 adrien vogt-schilb 2637 Quick and dirty export matrices to Latex and tools for building hybrid (string/number) matrices
schmidtplot 03/04/2011 lukas wischounig 2615 the script draws great circles and points from tectonic data in a .xls file.
Contour3d 09/06/2010 A J Roberts 2492 Plots 3D contours, iso-surfaces, of function f on 3D lattice x,y,z
OpenRTDynamics Toolbox for Scilab 21/11/2012 Christian Klauer 2467 A framework for signal processing and real time control implementations
Scilab/Xcos Toolbox for Power Electronics and Electrical Machines 29/02/2012 Ibrahim ERTURK 2329 Scilab/Xcos Toolbox for Power Electronics and Electrical Machines
Modelling, Simulation and Controlling of Brushless DC Machine under Scilab/Xcos 17/05/2011 Ibrahim ERTURK 2271 Modelling, Simulation and Controlling of Brushless DC Machine under Scilab/Xcos
dxf2sci 25/03/2011 lukas wischounig 2182 loads dxf(r) entities to scilab
circular shifts circshift cshift() 26/07/2015 Samuel Gougeon 2085 Circularly shifts elements of a vector, matrix, hypermatrix, cell or structure arrays
ESCORT-3136A = FI-3136A multimeter 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 2046 Driver for the ESCORT-3136A (aka FI-3136A) (& ESCORT-3146A) multimeter
Crystal Structure Animation 23/03/2011 Tadayuki Nakajima 2015 3D plots of crystal structures by animation
ellipfit, circfit 12/01/2018 Samuel Gougeon 1918 Fitting a circle or an ellipse on 2D given points
Fan control / Temperature regulation - niDAQ Toolbox Demonstration 13/02/2013 Bruno JOFRET 1892 Fan control / Temperature regulation - niDAQ Toolbox Demonstration
Graphe_GUI 05/03/2011 Jean-Luc GOUDIER 1879 Plot an x3 function with graphical interface (for teenager students)
Zaber translation & rotation devices 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 1840 Serial driver for Zaber jack, translation, tilt and rotation stages
Triangulation in R^3 21/11/2013 Andreas Geissler 1824 3 points and three distances to 2 unknown points are given !
Modelling, Simulation and Controlling of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine under Scilab/Xcos 18/05/2011 Ibrahim ERTURK 1823 Modelling, Simulation and Controlling of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine under Scilab/Xcos
Scilab 5.3 Style for UltraEdit 04/02/2011 Allan CORNET 1670 Scilab 5.3 Style for UltraEdit
Scilab style for gedit 07/02/2011 Sylvestre LEDRU 1651 For syntax highlighting
analog displays 13/05/2015 Philipp Muehlmann 1650 example code to create various types of analog displays
Metrix OX8000 oscilloscopes series 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 1621 Serial driver for Metrix OX8040, OX8050, OX8100, OX8042, and OX8062 oscilloscopes
linfit 05/10/2012 javier carrero 1607 multivariate linear fit
git from scilab 18/01/2011 Allan CORNET 1601 use git from scilab
legends_mc 27/02/2013 Samuel Gougeon 1601 Displays legends of numerous curves in a MultiColumns bloc
Tone Recognition Tool - niDAQ Toolbox Demonstration 13/02/2013 Bruno JOFRET 1519 niDAQ Toolbox Demonstration
2D 3D Polar Patterns 04/07/2016 Christian Leray 1497 Tool to draw 2D and 3D polar patterns
Adaptive Runge-Kutta 26/03/2016 Jakub Kopac 1442 Adaptive Runge-Kutta of 4th order with step error control
MLBS(PRBS) generator function 27/05/2010 Bibo Yang 1432 A function that generates PseudoRandom Binary Sequence
M38XR multimeter 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 1432 Driver + graphical monitor for the Meterman 38XR = Amprobe 38XR-A multimeters
ISG500 Function Generator & frequency-meter 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 1402 Driver for ISG500 (& ISG1200) Function Generator & frequency-meter
Shannon-Nyquist 11/05/2013 jean-claude maurin 1401 This script shows the Nyquist-Shannon theorem on sampling
Load STL Files 07/03/2011 Pascal Buehler 1401 Loading a STL-File
Dithering Grayscale Images 25/11/2013 Andreas Geissler 1394 Ordered-Dithering of a GrayScale matrix with Bayer 1-3, Stucki 1-2, random
Examples from Urroz book "Numerical and Statistical Methods with SCILAB" 17/02/2011 david adams 1337 Code examples from book
Physical Calculus 04/02/2010 D. MARION 1304 Calculate with physical units.
Drawing Bezier Splines 25/11/2013 Andreas Geissler 1256 drawing cubic bezier splines in the 2D-plane
ellipsiod 17/02/2011 david adams 1242 given coordinates and dimensions, function returns points for ellipsoid
OLP-15B optical power meter 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 1228 Driver for OLP-15B, OLP-16B & OLP-18B Acterna optical power meters
LDS1200 laser diode controler 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 1206 Driver for the Micos LDS1200 laser diode controler (YAG setup)
thermaSnap 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 1179 Driver for the ThermaSnap infrared thermographic camera (Inframetrics)
wrscilib 16/03/2010 Werner Roethlisberger 1115 Library for time, date, calendar, sun and moon pha, angle conversions, vba emulation, scale and more
AG_fluid_dynamics 16/02/2011 david adams 1102 Computational fluctuating fluid dynamics - RK3 alogorithm
point_in_polygon 16/02/2011 david adams 1045 This algo finds if a point is inside a simple closed polygon
Evaluate polynomial 20/03/2011 david adams 1014 Evaluates a polynomial (either a poly or a vector) at a number
integratePoly 23/03/2012 Samuel Gougeon 1012 Formal integration of a (hyper)matrix of polynomials
Q function 06/04/2011 G V V Sharma 999 The Q function, related to the complementary error function is used extensively in Comm Theory
Plot in File 20/12/2011 Jean-Luc GOUDIER 989 Plot 2D directly in a bitmap file with Megapixel resolution
Equalis eConnect 1.0.1 Beta 18/05/2011 Hanh Pham 981 displays RSS feeds from Scilab user support group forums and this File Exchange
Puffin 3D 23/02/2011 Allan CORNET 978 Puffin 3D
McCabe-Thiele 08/12/2018 Jakub Kopac 929 SciLab implementation of McCabe-Thiele
Mandelbrot set generator 27/05/2016 Jérôme LABATUT 895 Draws the Mandebrot set for a list of usual mathematical functions
Logistics Function 17/02/2011 david adams 892 Demonstrates bifurcation in Logistics function
isprime 17/04/2012 JFER GIRJ 887 calculates if a number is prime
Scilab style for UltraEdit 04/01/2011 Allan CORNET 883 Scilab style for UltraEdit
Colors Cube GUI 24/08/2011 Jean-Luc GOUDIER 871 Browse thousands of colors with an original GUI
pdiv_inc() 27/08/2015 Samuel Gougeon 829 Polynomial division with increasing terms powers
SIP - Scilab Image Processing Toolbox 17/10/2011 Ricardo Fabbri 822 read/write images in many formas; computer vision and image processing algorithms
Periodic Elements 16/10/2012 Pascal Buehler 806 This file has a mlist of the Atomic properties of the Elements
linear.sci 09/02/2011 robert coisson 794 a function for a partial inversion of a matrix
rotate3d() 19/09/2015 Samuel Gougeon 765 Computes coordinates of rotated points or/and axis, angle, or matrix of a given 3D rotation
BVPsolver (Improved) 21/02/2012 Brenton Horne 742 A correction to BVP solver. Solves all second order linear BVPs and IVPs on finite domains.
VCD file checker and reader 25/10/2012 Paawan Sharma 735 This module checks a *.vcd file for number of signals , its properties
JSON Export 12/11/2015 Christian Klauer 724 Export Scilab structures to JSON
add blanks to a string 24/02/2011 david adams 723 Adds a specified number of blanks to front, back or both of a string
partfrac() 01/11/2018 Samuel Gougeon 722 Partial fraction decomposition of a rational in the C set
RTD PT100 Platinum 12/10/2012 Pascal Buehler 718 This file has all datas for RTD PT100 Platinum
OFDM simulation 13/04/2015 Surendra Yadav 715 This file shows the BER analysis for BPSK modulated OFDM signal
Tone Recognition - Labview-Scilab Gateway 13/02/2013 Bruno JOFRET 713 Tone Recognition - Labview-Scilab Gateway
NIST ITS-90 Thermocouples 10/09/2012 Pascal Buehler 708 This File has all Thermocouples from the NIST Website
solution of Raman-Nath equations 15/06/2011 robert coisson 708 solves (generalised) Raman-Nath equations, as in diffraction from a thick phase grating
polygonmetrics(), polyarea 19/08/2015 Samuel Gougeon 698 Computes the length, area, CoM, and unit vector of a plane or 3D simple polygon
The Inverse Fast Chebyshev Transform (IFCT) 20/02/2012 Brenton Horne 691 The Inverse Fast Chebyshev Transform at the Extrema Grid
FreeASM1 16/03/2012 Julien Laurent 689 Simulation of wastewater treatment by activated sludge process using ASM1 model equations
Fast Chebyshev Transform 20/02/2012 Brenton Horne 680 The Fast Chebyshev Transform (FCT) at the points chebyshev extrema grid
XSteam 02/05/2018 Oleksiy Bondarenko 666 Water and steam properties according to IAPWS IF-97
Matrix and vector generator for Chebyshev Polynomials of the First Kind 20/02/2012 Brenton Horne 664 Generators of Chebyshev Polynomials of the First Kind and its 1st &2nd derivative matrices
Recursive Identification Methods Library 21/05/2018 Jakub Hasek 659 C blocks for recursive system identification
Gini coefficient 14/01/2016 Lukas Malec 658 Computes the Gini coefficient as a basic measure of the inequality
W3 Scilab 11/03/2010 Dr.C.N.Krishnan, R.Sathish Kumar 642 Web Interface to Scilab
Thermoelement Type T 02/08/2012 Pascal Buehler 638 This file has all Datas for thermocupples type T
factors 14/01/2013 JFER GIRJ 621 Decomposes a number into prime factors. Output different from native sc "factor" function
EX355P driver 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 618 Scilab serial driver for the TTI EX355P power supply
Lorenz curve and corresponding data 14/01/2016 Lukas Malec 617 Graphical representation of the cumulative distribution function
BVPsolver 20/02/2012 Brenton Horne 614 Solves second order BVPs and IVPs using the tau method.
mesharea() 19/08/2015 Samuel Gougeon 606 Computes the area of any 3D surface mapped with a lattice of 4-vertices cells
Calculator to calculate properties of dry air 31/12/2013 vijay marcel 556 calculation of Properties of dry air from 223 kelvin to 373 kelvin
Heat Transfer from pin fin by Forced Convection 31/12/2013 vijay marcel 556 Heat transfer from pin fin by forced convection
Scilab 5.5.0 demo 09/04/2014 Bruno JOFRET 506 Scilab 5.5.0 demo
browseURL() 13/09/2015 Samuel Gougeon 502 opens URLs in the default or preferred internet browser (OS-independent)
Reversi 05/03/2017 Jérôme LABATUT 492 A Scilab clone for the Reversi game
DiagonalMatrix 13/03/2014 Marcos Pinto 476 Returns the diagonal matrix from a square matrix.
strsubst() extended 01/08/2015 Samuel Gougeon 471 extensions provided: All occurrences replaced; multiple Pattern/Replace pairs; groups replacement
Testing Cyclic Permutations and cosets 01/12/2016 Jean-pierre Ortolland 462 Testing Cyclic Permutations and cosets, Galois Theory
update fftw library for Win32 06/04/2011 Allan CORNET 456 update fftw library for Windows x86 Scilab 5.3.(0 and 1)
manrev2sci.xsl 23/06/2014 Clement DAVID 437 Convert Scilab 4.x help to the 5.x docbook-based format
Spiral Graph GUI 22/03/2011 david adams 433 Based on the toy Spirograph
strrepeat() 27/07/2015 Samuel Gougeon 410 Concatenates a string with itself N times or up to N characters
STL Files 11/08/2018 Jerome Briot 372 Read and write STL files (ascii and binary formats)
Function to Calculate Row and Column Number provided pixel Number 10/04/2015 paawan sharma 370 Pixel Number to Row, Column detail
asc2xyz 20/10/2015 Saul Arciniega 367 Convert a regular grid in .asc or .txt format to X Y Z matrixes
Double Wedge Airfoil in Supersonic Flow 23/11/2015 Vijay Gopal 366 This code provides coefficient of section lift, drag and moment of double wedge aerofoil.
cummin(), cummax() 26/07/2015 Samuel Gougeon 363 Cumulative minima and maxima of array's values
check_video_card 14/01/2010 360 check video card drivers compatibility on Windows
Newton basins of attraction 27/05/2016 Jérôme LABATUT 352 Draws the basins of attraction of known solutions for the Newton iteration
polyroots() 20/08/2015 Samuel Gougeon 352 Multiplicities and values of polynomial multiple roots
M X N array to One dimensional Time series conversion 23/04/2015 paawan sharma 343 This function converts m X n matrix to a one dimensional time series
One dimensional Time Series to M X N matrix conversion 23/04/2015 paawan sharma 341 This function converts a one dimensional time series to an array of M X N matrix given by user
Load a DXF-File 06/04/2016 Pascal Buehler 333 Loading a DXF-File with Scilab
Modeling samples with xCos 08/09/2015 Sahib Huseynov 332 Tutorials samples in xCos modeling for beginers
isDocked(figure) 13/08/2015 Samuel Gougeon 324 Tests whether a figure is docked to Scilab's desktop
orderfields() 26/07/2015 Samuel Gougeon 319 reorders the primary fields of a structure or an array of structures
Contingency table 26/01/2016 Lukas Malec 312 General contingency (two-way) table and corresponding relations
str2num 21/04/2016 Surendra Yadav 307 It converts string to number
Scilab menu item enabling/disabling 12/12/2017 Simon MARCHETTO 297 Macro to enable/disable a menu item in the main Scilab console
Intercorrelations analysis 29/02/2016 Lukas Malec 291 One of the pls methods studying relations between two groups
num2str 21/04/2016 Surendra Yadav 285 it converts number to string like matlab.
Automatic Lesion Segmentation 23/10/2014 davide poggiali 278 MS lesion segmentation by multithresholding
strrand() 06/08/2015 Samuel Gougeon 277 Generates random characters, words or texts from chosen charsets
xyz2asc 20/10/2015 Saul Arciniega 273 Write a .asc or .txt file with a regular grid form X Y Z matrixes
varspace() 26/07/2015 Samuel Gougeon 272 Memory allocated to specified variables, to containers components, or to results of expressions
Výpočtové bloky 26/05/2016 Matej Balint 271 Výpočtové bloky v elektrotechnike
Linear estimate of future process 29/02/2016 Lukas Malec 262 OLS based point and interval forecasts of the one-dimensional time series
Fisher discriminant analysis with regularization 15/01/2016 Lukas Malec 258 Basic method of multivariate analysis searching for the differences between groups
Graphic for building a Smith- Diagramm 06/04/2016 Pascal Buehler 258 Graphic for building a Smith- Diagramm
First Attempt for an Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram 22/07/2016 Pascal Buehler 254 First Attempt for an Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram
Design of the rocket nozzle optimum shape 10/03/2018 Sahib Huseynov 239 Using of numerical method of characteristics for computation of optimum rocket nozzle shape
Digitize 28/04/2017 Simon MARCHETTO 233 Digitize data from a 2D plot image
2x2 contingency 26/01/2016 Lukas Malec 220 Analyses the relations within 2x2 contingency table
OXO (Tic-Tac-Toe) 10/03/2018 Jérôme LABATUT 207 A Scilab clone for the OXO game
Steamtable 08/11/2016 Pascal Buehler 170 Data of the Steamtable
Recursive version of getd 14/10/2016 Pierre Vuillemin 133 Loads Scilab functions in a given folder and its sub-folders
libsvm 19/02/2014 roshini Lakshmanan 128 support vector data description
Musical demos 22/06/2017 Paul BIGNIER 125 Four demonstrations showing a glimpse of Scilab's potential with music
Fractal curves and snowflakes 31/07/2016 Jérôme LABATUT 112 Draws by iteration fractal curves
GnuSciPlot - gnuplot from scilab 23/07/2016 KD Liss 111 graphic routines which use gnuplot for graphics output
Real-Time Serial Read 19/09/2018 Alisson Luan Daga 101 Read the Arduino Serial Port
Compute Galois Fields GF(p^n) 12/10/2016 Jean-pierre Ortolland 53 Compute multiplication and addition Tables, and find characteristic polynomials
Attempt to reading an IGEE File 04/05/2017 Pascal Buehler 0 Attempt to reading an IGEE File
Mohrscher Spannungskreis 27/02/2018 Pascal Buehler 0 Mohrscher Spannungskreis
openBLAS for Scilab 6.0 20/07/2011 Allan CORNET 0 openBLAS for Scilab 6.0
Xsteam 01/05/2018 Kiener Pierre 0 Water and steam properties according to IAPWS IF-97
WaterSteamPro 09/04/2010 Konstantin Orlov 0 Calculate properties of water, steam, gases and gases mixtures
Scilab Isosurfaces 03/05/2018 Luiz Silva 0 Help to trace isosrufaces
function labxdtv x-axis labels for time series plots 20/07/2018 David Chèze 0 labxdtv updates the labels of the x-axis for time series plots
analoge tachometer display 25/07/2014 Philipp Muehlmann 0 example code to create an analoge tachometer display
MATRIX ALGEBRA 15/01/2019 PREETIKA DHAWAN 0 This is an example of general matrix codes
analoge tachometer display 25/07/2014 Philipp Muehlmann 0 example code to create an analoge tachometer display
Induction Machine Per Unit d-q Model ScicosLab and Scilab/Xco​s 14/05/2011 Ibrahim ERTURK 0 Induction machine per-unit dq model
Decimal to fraction 19/03/2011 david adams 0 Changes a decimal number to a fraction
analoge tachometer display 25/07/2014 Philipp Muehlmann 0 example code to create an analoge tachometer display
Basic question about solving Matrix eigen values and vector 19/12/2015 Peter Valencic 0 ..
Musical_demos6 22/06/2017 Paul BIGNIER 0 Four demonstrations showing a glimpse of Scilab's potential with music
CAPE-OPEN Thermo Import 12/02/2010 Jasper van Baten 0 Import CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamic property and equilibrium calculations