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Calculate properties of water, steam, gases and gases mixtures
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Konstantin Orlov
Konstantin Orlov
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April 9, 2010
            WaterSteamPro is a set of programs for calculating properties of water, steam,
gases and gases mixtures.

With WaterSteamPro you can calculate thermophysical properties (specific volume,
enthalpy, entropy, internal energy, speed of sound, isochoric and isobaric heat
capacity, Joule-Thomson coefficient, kinematic and dynamic viscosity, Prandtl
number, thermal conductivity, surface tension, etc) of water/steam from triple
point (611 Pa, 0.01°C) to point with parameters (100 MPa, 800°C) and for
pressures up to 50 MPa with temperatures up to 2000°C. You can calculate these
properties with various input arguments sets: (p, t), (p, h), (p, s), (h, s),
(r, h) in full above-mentioned range (including double-phase region: water-steam
and saturation line). There are also functions for calculating thermodynamic
properties in meta-stable region of super-cooled steam.

The source formulations for WaterSteamPro (water/steam) functions are mainly the
formulations from International Association for the Properties of Water and
Steam – IAPWS. In WaterSteamPro used the latest formulations from IAPWS
(IF-97, etc).

With WaterSteamPro you can also calculate the thermodynamic properties (specific
volume, enthalpy, entropy, internal energy, isochoric and isobaric heat
capacity) of 11th gases (components of combustion products and air) and mixtures
on their base for temperatures from 200K to 2500K with various input arguments
sets: (t), (h), (p, s). The gases and mixtures processed as ideals gases and
ideal mixtures.            
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Comment from Manuel Borja -- October 7, 2016, 02:12:39 AM    
Dear Konstantin Orlov
I'm Professor Dr. Ing. Manuel Borja del ITToluca, Mexico.
I had the opportunity to make known your code in my professorship and was amazed at the 
simplicity and genius of your application.
Unfortunately I lost the file, and also a chance encounter changed me cathedra.
Currently I have the intention to apply it again, but I have no option to lower it
You kindly give me a copy, on the understanding that each student and I will be always 
placing as its author.
We appreciate it.

Dr. Ing.Manuel Borja
ITToluca, Mexico
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