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Title Last update Authors Downloads Summary Rating
M38XR multimeter 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 1191 Driver + graphical monitor for the Meterman 38XR = Amprobe 38XR-A multimeters
GnuSciPlot - gnuplot from scilab 23/07/2016 KD Liss 67 graphic routines which use gnuplot for graphics output
2D 3D Polar Patterns 04/07/2016 Christian Leray 1180 Tool to draw 2D and 3D polar patterns
Graphic for building a Smith- Diagramm 06/04/2016 Pascal Buehler 152 Graphic for building a Smith- Diagramm
Load a DXF-File 06/04/2016 Pascal Buehler 182 Loading a DXF-File with Scilab
rotate3d() 19/09/2015 Samuel Gougeon 515 Computes coordinates of rotated points or/and axis, angle, or matrix of a given 3D rotation
isDocked(figure) 13/08/2015 Samuel Gougeon 216 Tests whether a figure is docked to Scilab's desktop
analog displays 13/05/2015 Philipp Muehlmann 1078 example code to create various types of analog displays
Drawing Bezier Splines 25/11/2013 Andreas Geissler 936 drawing cubic bezier splines in the 2D-plane
legends_mc 27/02/2013 Samuel Gougeon 1239 Displays legends of numerous curves in a MultiColumns bloc
3D mesh export from Scilab to Blender 12/01/2013 Albert TERRAS 3014 This program converts a matrix or a surface into a 3D mesh (.raw file) compatible with Blender.
Plot in File 20/12/2011 Jean-Luc GOUDIER 852 Plot 2D directly in a bitmap file with Megapixel resolution
Crystal Structure Animation 23/03/2011 Tadayuki Nakajima 1699 3D plots of crystal structures by animation
Spherical harmonics 03/03/2011 Tadayuki Nakajima 3842 Spherical harmonics that employ the Condon-Shortley phase
Puffin 3D 23/02/2011 Allan CORNET 855 Puffin 3D
ellipsiod 17/02/2011 david adams 1081 given coordinates and dimensions, function returns points for ellipsoid
Contour3d 09/06/2010 A J Roberts 2196 Plots 3D contours, iso-surfaces, of function f on 3D lattice x,y,z