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W3 Scilab

Web Interface to Scilab
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Dr.C.N.Krishnan, R.Sathish Kumar
R.Sathish Kumar
Supported Scilab Version
Creation Date
March 11, 2010
                W3 Scilab is a web interface to Scilab developed using Perl/Ajax.It permits
users to submit short snippets of Scilab code to a remote server, get the Scilab
code executed on that server, fetch back and display the results of execution
within the confines of a web browser.In short, Scilab on web or Scilab over
HTTP.There is no need to install Scilab on one's local machine, only on the
remote server.Possible usage scenarios are Learning Scilab on web,Online Scilab
contest,Scilab over a campus network etc.
     The development of this software was undertaken as part of work at the
nationally funded project - National Resource Centre for Free/Open Source
Software (NRCFOSS),AU-KBC Research Centre,Anna University,Chennai,India for
promoting Free/Open Source software in Engineering curriculum.
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Comment from Allan CORNET -- November 10, 2010, 01:03:27 PM    

Please notice that this is not "safe"
disable unix_xxx is not enough

with funptr and newfun, you can create a alias on host and in this case all system command

are possible.

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