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Title Last update Authors Downloads Summary Rating
Electrical block PV-array and DC motor. 07/05/2022 Zurab Dzhendubaev 723 Electrical block PV-array (6.4 kW) and DC motor (2.5 kW).
XSteam 24/05/2020 Oleksiy Bondarenko 3279 Water and steam properties according to IAPWS IF-97
OpenFOAM post-processing 07/07/2019 Yann DEBRAY 1487 Simple script to post-process data generated by open-source software OpenFOAM for Fluid Dynamics
Curve Fitting for Ogden, Yeoh and Polynomial Models 16/02/2019 Michael Rackl 20338 Fits different order hyperelastic material models to tension/compression and simple shear data
McCabe-Thiele 08/12/2018 Jakub Kopac 4595 SciLab implementation of McCabe-Thiele
Xsteam 01/05/2018 Kiener Pierre 0 Water and steam properties according to IAPWS IF-97
Thermodynamic properties 11/05/2015 Oleksiy Bondarenko 13955 Thermodynamic properties of species