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Signal Processing GUI Tools

GUI Tools for Signal Processing
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Chin Luh Tan
Chin Luh Tan
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Creation Date
August 23, 2019
            This module meant provide various useful GUI for signal processing, currently 3
GUI available:
1. wfir_newgui : A GUI similar to Scilab wfir_gui, which is rewritten for
2. signal_tool : A GUI to load wavfile, apply filter created from (1), and play
the signal. We could export the filtered signal to a wav file as well.
3. Speech_Demo : This is just a revamp for "Speech Analysis using LPC"
in Scilab 6.

Other supporting files:
a. lpfilter_soundex3.sce : Example of (2) in command lines, with the different
that this example use IIR filter.
b. sample_noisy.wav : Corrupted data used in example.
c. sample.wav : Original data            
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