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M38XR multimeter

Driver + graphical monitor for the Meterman 38XR = Amprobe 38XR-A multimeters
(846 downloads for this version - 3180 downloads for all versions)
Samuel Gougeon
Samuel Gougeon
Supported Scilab Version
Creation Date
January 13, 2020
            For Windows, Linux and Unix. Mac OS X not supported (TCL incompatible)

--> M38XR
function [repout] = M38XR(command,arg,arg2)
 out = M38XR(command, arg, arg2)

 Scilab driver for the Meterman 38XR or Amprobe 38XR-A multimeters

 The device should be switched on. It must be connected to the computer
   through its serial optical output and cable. The serial output must be
   activated (RS232 button). Beware about the auto power off.

 DEPENDENCY: The Serial TCL toolbox must be installed and loaded:

 Commands are case-unsensitive

  M38XR            Displays this help (no argument)
 'open'    port    Open M38XR session on COM port
                      (9600 bits/s, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit)
                   out = id of the opened RS-232 communication (scalar string)
                   Example: M38XR open 1     or  id = M38XR('open',1)

 'close'           Close M38XR serial connexion & clean session parameters
                   out = 0 if no error has occured (real)
                   Example: M38XR close     or err = M38XR('close')

 'isOn'    1|-, dt  Checks output activity on the RS-232 connexion
                      arg  = 1 : Verbose mode ; else: Quiet mode
                      arg2 =  testing duration [s] (default=Long)
                      out = Number of bytes delivered during dt

 'monitor'  dt, Dt  * Open a graphic window
                    * Do 1 measurement each dt [s] (integration time ~ periode)
                    * Dynamically plot any forthcoming measurement
                    * if Dt is provided (in [s]), data are ranged and plotted
                      over the last Dt seconds (slipping window). Otherwise,
                      all data from the beginning are kept and plotted.
                    out: No value is returned
                      M38XR monitor 1        or   M38XR('Monitor',1)
                      M38XR monitor 1 60     or   M38XR('Monitor',1,60)
          * The refresh rate of the device is ~2/s => dt must be >0.5
          * If the data flow is suspended, the plot is suspended and a
            message is displayed. When the data flow is retrieved, the plot
            is resumed. The origin of time is unchanged.
          * If 'Data flow suspended' appears time to time in a transient way,
             you should increase the integration time.
          * If the measurement mode is changed (e.g. V => A, etc) while
             monitoring is running, the current plot is erased and
             automatically adapted.
          * Default legends are displayed in english. They are in french
             if the Scilab session is in french.

 'getdata'       After monitoring, returns displayed data, in (N,2) columns
                 of reals. out(:,1): time  out(:,2): values
                 Example: out = M38XR('getdata')

 'mesure'   dt   Returns 1 measurement done over dt [s] (integration time)
                 dt = integration time
                 out: 3x1 column of STRINGS
                 out(1): Name of the output mesurande and related unit
                  Possible values are:
                  'Voltage ~ [V]',    'Delta(Voltage) ~ [V]', 'Voltage ~ [dBm]'
                  'Voltage DC [V]',   'Delta(Voltage) DC [V]',
                  'Current DC [A]',   'Delta(Current) DC [A]',
                  'Current AC [A]',   'Delta(Current) AC [A]',
                  'Current AC+DC [A]','Delta(Current) AC+DC [A]',
                  'Current 4-20 [mA] --', 'Capacity [µF]',
                  'Resistance [Ohm]', 'Test diode [V]',
                  'Temperature [°C]', 'Temperature [°F]',
                  'Frequency [Hz]', 'Cyclic Rate [%]'
                  These labels are returned in french whether the Scilab
                   session is in french.
                 out(2): Measured value.
                         evstr(out(2)) gives it as a float number
                 out(3): Value of integration time dt.
                         evstr(out(3)) gives it as a float number
Files (2)
[17.87 kB]
OS-independent binary for Scilab .x
* port to Scilab 6.1
* bug fixed about a return(var)
[178.05 kB]

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