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Basic question about solving Matrix eigen values and vector

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Peter Valencic
Peter Valencic
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December 19, 2015
I'am totaly new with scilab and I don't know how to solve the eigen values and
vector for some matrix..
for example I have this matrix

A=(2 5 2 9;6 9 1 1;2 5 3 7;1 4 8 9)

thank you

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Comment from Felipe Pérez -- December 21, 2015, 04:25:13 AM    

In Scilab is not so hard to solve an eigenvalue-eigenvector problem. Just use the "
spec "
built-in function. 

To solve your particular problem, you may want to follow this way:

-->A=[2 5 2 9;6 9 1 1;2 5 3 7;1 4 8 9];

-->[vectors, values] = spec (A) //And hit ENTER

You should receive as answer a diagonal square matrix with the eigenvalues on the main
diagonal, and another square matrix with its columns corresponding to the eigenvectors.

Happy coding!

Felipe Pérez
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