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OLP-15B optical power meter

Driver for OLP-15B, OLP-16B & OLP-18B Acterna optical power meters
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Samuel Gougeon
Samuel Gougeon
Supported Scilab Version
Creation Date
March 15, 2012
function [out] = OLPpower(port, command, data)

 Scilab Driver for OLP-15B, OLP-16B and OLP-18B powermeter for optical fibers
    Tested only for the OLP-15B model, but other models should be supported.
    The powermeter must be connected to a serial RS-232 port and turned on.
    Several power meters may be connected on their respective ports on the
    same computer. Each one will be addressed through its own handle.

 Input arguments:
 #1: Serial port number (for the open command),
     or serial port handle returned by "open" (for all other
 #2: Command name (case unsensitive)
 #3: Data (unit, wavelength,..), undifferently string or numeric,
     case unsensitive.

  * Scilab > 5.2.0 is required
  * Serial TCL toolbox 0.2 (E. Segre) must be loaded
  * OS : Windows or Linux plateform. Mac OS X are not supported (for TCL)
  * The powermeter must be connected to the chosen serial port.
    For information: Connexion parameters are: 9600 bauds, 8 data bits,
     no parity, 1 stop bit, Xon/Xoff protocol.

 port, 'OPEN' : Open the RS-232 communication for the given RS-232 port.
          If port is a string, it must follow the format "COM#:" or
          "/dev/ttyS#" with # stating from 1 in the first case
(Windows) and
          from 0 in the second case (Linux). Else, integer numbers from 0
          0 or N must be specified.
          Returns 1 whether the connexion is established, 0 otherwise.
 port, 'CLOSE'  : Close the RS-232 communication for the given port (handle).
          Returned 1 = OK

 'POW?'  : Query and return the measured power (numeric. 4 digits:
           OLP-15B:  0.0001 µW < P < 100mW  == -70dBm < P < 20dBm
           In case of too low signal, -80 is returned in [dBm] or [dB] modes,
           or 1e-11 is returned if [W] mode.

 'UNIT', 'DBM'|'W'|'DB' : Set the measurement unit to the specified one
 'UNIT?' : Query the measurement unit. 
           Returned strings are "W", "DBM" or

 'WAV', xxxx : Set the measurement wavelength (integer in [nm])
           Possible wavelengths xxxx are (OLP-15B): 780, 850, 1300, 1310, 1550
 'WAV?'  : Query and return the measurement wavelength (numeric integer in

 'FREQ?' : Query and return the detected modulation frequency (number in [Hz])
 'REF?'  : Query and return the reference level power (number in [dBm])
 'LID?'  : Query and return the measured Line-ID
 'ZEROING' : Start zeroing

 'LANG', Language : Set the language for printout. Supported languages
         are 'FRAN' (Français), 'ENGL' (English), 'ESPA' (Español),
             'ITAL' (Italiano), 'DEUT' (Deutsch)
 'LANG?' : Query and return the current language (4 characters string)
 'ERR?'  : Query and return the last error code from the device (2-3
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OLP-15B device: command pannel (for thumbnail)
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Miscellaneous file
OLP Driver. exec() this file. Then in Scilab type
to display the help (see the main description above)
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