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Title Last update Authors Downloads Summary Rating
SecuRing Test 05/07/2022 John Smith 142 Test
circular shifts circshift cshift() 13/05/2020 Samuel Gougeon 4283 Circularly shifts elements of a vector, matrix, hypermatrix, cell or structure arrays
isint 17/01/2020 Hani Ibrahim 0 Determine if committed number is a floating point integer.
isint - Checking for integers 17/01/2020 Hani Ibrahim 0 Determine if committed number is a floating point integers
M38XR multimeter 13/01/2020 Samuel Gougeon 2840 Driver + graphical monitor for the Meterman 38XR = Amprobe 38XR-A multimeters
STL Files 11/08/2018 Jerome Briot 756 Read and write STL files (ascii and binary formats)
Attempt to reading an IGEE File 04/05/2017 Pascal Buehler 0 Attempt to reading an IGEE File
Steamtable 08/11/2016 Pascal Buehler 924 Data of the Steamtable
Metrix OX8000 oscilloscopes series 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 2863 Serial driver for Metrix OX8040, OX8050, OX8100, OX8042, and OX8062 oscilloscopes
thermaSnap 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 2059 Driver for the ThermaSnap infrared thermographic camera (Inframetrics)
OLP-15B optical power meter 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 2241 Driver for OLP-15B, OLP-16B & OLP-18B Acterna optical power meters
num2str 21/04/2016 Surendra Yadav 1096 it converts number to string like matlab.
str2num 21/04/2016 Surendra Yadav 1266 It converts string to number
JSON Export 12/11/2015 Christian Klauer 2153 Export Scilab structures to JSON
xyz2asc 20/10/2015 Saul Arciniega 977 Write a .asc or .txt file with a regular grid form X Y Z matrixes
asc2xyz 20/10/2015 Saul Arciniega 1254 Convert a regular grid in .asc or .txt format to X Y Z matrixes
browseURL() 13/09/2015 Samuel Gougeon 1410 opens URLs in the default or preferred internet browser (OS-independent)
strrand() 06/08/2015 Samuel Gougeon 1046 Generates random characters, words or texts from chosen charsets
strsubst() extended 01/08/2015 Samuel Gougeon 1236 extensions provided: All occurrences replaced; multiple Pattern/Replace pairs; groups replacement
strrepeat() 27/07/2015 Samuel Gougeon 1272 Concatenates a string with itself N times or up to N characters
varspace() 26/07/2015 Samuel Gougeon 1060 Memory allocated to specified variables, to containers components, or to results of expressions
orderfields() 26/07/2015 Samuel Gougeon 1078 reorders the primary fields of a structure or an array of structures
Export Scilab matrices to LaTeX 17/01/2014 adrien vogt-schilb 5836 Quick and dirty export matrices to Latex and tools for building hybrid (string/number) matrices
RTD PT100 Platinum 12/10/2012 Pascal Buehler 1487 This file has all datas for RTD PT100 Platinum
NIST ITS-90 Thermocouples 10/09/2012 Pascal Buehler 1440 This File has all Thermocouples from the NIST Website
Load STL Files 07/03/2011 Pascal Buehler 2243 Loading a STL-File
add blanks to a string 24/02/2011 david adams 1508 Adds a specified number of blanks to front, back or both of a string
Physical Calculus 04/02/2010 D. MARION 1818 Calculate with physical units.