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Title Last update Authors Downloads Summary Rating
Real-time Temperature Monitoring and Control 17/12/2016 A. Khorshidi 4504 Fully open-source, low-cost solution to real-time temperature monitoring and control
EX355P driver 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 540 Scilab serial driver for the TTI EX355P power supply
Zaber translation & rotation devices 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 1743 Serial driver for Zaber jack, translation, tilt and rotation stages
Metrix OX8000 oscilloscopes series 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 1526 Serial driver for Metrix OX8040, OX8050, OX8100, OX8042, and OX8062 oscilloscopes
M38XR multimeter 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 1341 Driver + graphical monitor for the Meterman 38XR = Amprobe 38XR-A multimeters
thermaSnap 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 1094 Driver for the ThermaSnap infrared thermographic camera (Inframetrics)
ESCORT-3136A = FI-3136A multimeter 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 1876 Driver for the ESCORT-3136A (aka FI-3136A) (& ESCORT-3146A) multimeter
LDS1200 laser diode controler 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 1124 Driver for the Micos LDS1200 laser diode controler (YAG setup)
OLP-15B optical power meter 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 1132 Driver for OLP-15B, OLP-16B & OLP-18B Acterna optical power meters
ISG500 Function Generator & frequency-meter 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 1327 Driver for ISG500 (& ISG1200) Function Generator & frequency-meter
Fan control / Temperature regulation - niDAQ Toolbox Demonstration 13/02/2013 Bruno JOFRET 1793 Fan control / Temperature regulation - niDAQ Toolbox Demonstration
Tone Recognition - Labview-Scilab Gateway 13/02/2013 Bruno JOFRET 669 Tone Recognition - Labview-Scilab Gateway
Tone Recognition Tool - niDAQ Toolbox Demonstration 13/02/2013 Bruno JOFRET 1431 niDAQ Toolbox Demonstration
dxf2sci 25/03/2011 lukas wischounig 2095 loads dxf(r) entities to scilab