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OpenRTDynamics Toolbox for Scilab

A framework for signal processing and real time control implementations
(1999 downloads for this version - 3959 downloads for all versions)
Christian Klauer
Christian Klauer
Supported Scilab Version
Creation Date
November 4, 2011
            The Real Time Dynamics Toolbox is a novel approach to the implementation of
block / signal based schematics, commonly used in control engineering and signal
processing, for real time usage (like Real-Time Workshop® or Scicos Code
Generation). It is suitable for implementing time discrete signal processing
algorithms, like one would do in Scicos or Simulink, within Scilab scripts
(Matlab like) by using toolbox functions in order to set-up a description of the
schematic. This way, well structured code can be achieved, whereby i.e. the
filter design could be included nearby the implementation for better review.
Additionally, functional and object orientated design schemes can be realised.
The latter feature enables the possibility to implement reusable parametrised
sub-schematics that may also change in its structure based on parametrisation.

The actual generation process of the implementation (which would be equivalent
to code generation in Scicos/Simulink) does not involve source code generation /
compilation steps and therefore does not rely on having compilers for the target
system to be installed on the development computer. Scilab along with the
installed toolbox is sufficient for implementing.

Further, along with the remote control interface and the ability to implement
state machines, to run different simulations in threads and to include
Scilab-Code as computational functions (S-function like), ORTD is also ideally
suited for laboratory automation. The ability to replace sub-schematics with new
implementations and parameters during runtime removes the effort of restarting
the main real time program.

ORTD can be easily integrated into other simulation frameworks e.g. Scicos or
used within other software by including a shared library.

The latestest versions include highly advanced features like

* Online replacement of sub-controllers; Yes, can can exchange wires and blocks
during the controller is running (modules/nested)
* State machines (modules/nested)
* Simulations running in threads (modules/nested)
* Mathematical formula parsing (modules/muparser)
* Vectors handling blocks (modules/basic_ldblocks)
* Calling Scilab from the simulation (modules/scilab)
* Remote control interface (modules/rt_server)
* Starting external processes (modules/ext\_process)
* Timer for simulations running in threads (pending) (modules/synchronisation)
* Scicos to ORTD block wrapper (modules/scicos_blocks)

Further information is found on the projects website


24.9.2011 - new version 0.99f
4.11.2011 - new version 0.99g
16.11.2011 - Added some slides that serve as an introduction.
28.3.2012 - Updated the slides.
8.6.2012 - Updated the slides.
13.7.2012: ORTD compiles on the beaglebone and potentially other ARM devices.
Installation instructions are found in the README.
13.7.2012: There won't be realease any more. Instead the svn-version in the
"trunk"-folder will always be in a production state and include at the
same time the latest features. Development is done within branches and then
merged to the "trunk"-folder.

The newest version is found in subversion and can be installed by a graphical
userinterface via pasting

wget -O - | bash

into your Terminal on Linux (See

Alternatively, use an automatically generated package:
and follow the instructions in the README-file.            
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slides update May 2012
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Comment from brent cartwright -- May 23, 2015, 08:23:31 PM    
does this program have the ability to do realtime fft manipulation of frequencies, i 
need to manipulate the recorded freq in a wav file, in a realtime fft representation. 
will this program do that ? can you direct me ? peace hope love, doc
Answer from Christian Klauer -- May 26, 2015, 10:38:13 AM    
Currently there is no block the performs blockwise FFT (it could be easily implemented
using the GNU scientific 
library). However you may consider using the embedded Scilab interpreter with which you
could easily implement 

Therefor, you may consider the following example for embedding Scilab-code into ORTD
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