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Compute Galois Fields GF(p^n)

Compute multiplication and addition Tables, and find characteristic polynomials
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Jean-pierre Ortolland
Jean-pierre Ortolland
Supported Scilab Version
Creation Date
October 12, 2016
            Galois Fields
this script can compute all irreducible  polynomials (characteristic
polynomials) of GF(p^n)
(p prime + n) must be < 12. try it with p and n not to big to avoid  Scilab
crash !
and it can also compute the +,*, GF table of an irreducible polynomial.
beware the polynomial you enter is really irreducible !            
Files (1)
[24.95 kB]
Miscellaneous file
3 files FieldFunctions.sci, TestFields.sce and ImportCsvFiles4.xls
to view computed Tables comfortable way.Beware to choose the good Csv

CsvDelimiter=','// for french Excel CSV delimiter
CsvDelimiter=';'// for english Excel CSV delimiter
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