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ESCORT-3136A = FI-3136A multimeter

Driver for the ESCORT-3136A (aka FI-3136A) (& ESCORT-3146A) multimeter
(5345 downloads for this version - 5345 downloads for all versions)
Samuel Gougeon
Samuel Gougeon
Supported Scilab Version
Creation Date
March 23, 2012
            For Windows, Linux or Unix. Mac OS X not supported (TCL required)

function [r] = mm3136A(command, data)
  This script is a Scilab driver for the ESCORT-3136A = FI-3136A dual display
   multimeter. The ESCORT-3146A = FI-3146A model may also be supported
   (untested. Addressing the dual display may be different)

  * 1 serial RS-232 port must be available on the computer. A USB port
     may be converted into RS-232 ones with a USB-Serial converter
  * Serial TCL toolbox must be installed and loaded:

  mm3136A(<command>[, <parameter#1>[, <parameter#2>]])
  mm3136A <command> <parameter#1> <parameter#2>

 <command> is a case unsensitive string specifying the action to perform.
 Parameters may be numbers, strings or boolean. Any specified boolean or
   number is automatically converted into an equivalent string. Strings
   are case unsensitive (so for instance "5m" could either be used to
   specify the 5mV range, or instead of "5M" for the 5 Mohm range,
   depending on the context).

 mm3136A... : returns 1 if the operation has been performed successfully,
              returns 0 in case of failure

 mm3136A open <port_number> :
              Opens the serial port that number from 1 to 254 is specified.
              Default is "1". The communication parameters are set to
               9600 bauds, no parity, 8 databits, 1 stop bit. The parameters
               set on the device must be these ones (default).
              Moreover, a TCL session is created for handling the
               communication and the related data.
              Remark: It is presently not possible to handle more than 1
               mm3136A multimeter per computer.

 mm3136A close : Resets the command mode to "local" (front end
              Closes the serial port communication, and
              Destroys the related TCL session.
 mm3136A clean : Destroys the TCL session (if the session has been avorted)

 mm3136A local : Cancels the "remote" mode. Then, any action on the
                  device's keyboard is enabled.
              Remark: Any command (except "local") sent to the device

                through the serial port automatically turns its adressing 
                mode to "REMOTE", if it was formerly in
"local" mode

 mm3136A lock  : Locks the keyboard on device => Disables any command from
               the device (except the power on/off switch). 
               The key "local" is also disabled.
              Remark: It is impossible to lock the keyboard if the device
               is currently in trigging mode.

 mm3136A unlock : Releases the locking of the device's keyboard.
               => Pressing the key "local" makes possible any input

                   on the device's keyboard afterwards.

 mm3136A reset : Resets the multimeter's parameters to their default values.

 mm3136A bright <brightness_level> : Sets the brightness of the displays.
              The brightness_level is an integer from 0 to 3.
 mm3136A beeps : Plays an audio 'beep' (checking that communication is ok)
 mm3136A beep  : Toggles the beeper: FEATURE NOT YET IMPLEMENTED (due to
               addressing restrictions). When the beeper is "on",
              each (unlocked) key plays a beep when it is pressed.

 Remark: The default display is always display # 1.

 mm3136A setTrig 1 : Turns "on" the trigger mode. 
              The "trig" command may then be used to trigger a measure

              and get the related data. 
         setTrig 0 : Turns "off" the trigger mode.

 mm3136A v_ [range [display]] :
              Set the specified display in Vdc Direct Current Voltage mode,
              within the specified voltage range.
            * range==0 means "Automatic range" (= default)
              Other available ranges are: 0.5 5 50 500 750 1000 (in Volts).
              If another positive range is specified, the nearest
              compatible range is set.
            * display==1 targets the main display of the device (default)
              display==2 targets the secondary display of the multimeter
              Combinations of displays are not all possible.
              When a specification on Display #2 is incompatible with the
              current measurement displayed in #1, the command is ignored.
              Some display assignments may switch the actual displays in
              order to comply with possible pairs.
              When using both displays, after assigning measurement modes,
               it is strongly recommanded to check the actual respective
               modes assigned to both displays before reading data from
               them. => Related command: 
mm3136A("infos",["D1" "D2"])
              See the user handbook for details about compatible displays.
            * Example: mm3136A v_ 0 1  set the display #1 in Vdc mode in
               automatic range. Since it is the default, the command can be
               shortened in: mm3136A v_
 mm3136A v~ .. : Sets the alternative voltage mode V~ = Vac
              See "mm3136A v_ .." setting (hereabove) for details.
              Range and display specifications are identical.
 mm3136A v+ .. : Sets the dual direct + alternative voltage mode Vac+dc
              See "mm3136A v_ .." setting (hereabove) for details.
              Range and display specifications are identical.

 mm3136A a_ .. : Sets the direct Current mode Adc
 mm3136A a~ .. : Sets the alternative Current mode A~ = Aac
 mm3136A a+ .. : Sets the dual direct + alternative Current mode.
              For these 3 commands, the syntax to specify the range and
              display is similar to the mm3136A v_ [range [display]] one
              detailled hereabove.
              Available ranges: '500µ' '5m' '50m' '500m' '5' '10'
              The range may also be specified by a numerical value (in [A])
              Then, the nearest litteral compatible range is set.
              0 still means: Automatic range
                mm3136A A~ 5m 2 ,  mm3136A a~ 0.005 2 , mm3136A a~ 1e-3 2
              will all do the same settings

 mm3136A ohm [range] : Sets the display #1 as ohmeter.
             The default range=0 is the automatic ranging mode.
             Other settable ranges are: "500" "5k"
"50k" "500k" "5M" "50M"
             specified in ohms. Specifying a numerical value is also
             possible. Then, the nearest compatible range is set.
            Examples : mm3136A ohm , mm3136A("ohm",0) ,
             all set the ohmeter on display #1 in automatic range mode.
             mm3136A ohm 3765 : sets the ohmeter with the fixed 5 kohm range.
             mm3136A ohm 500k : sets the ohmeter with the fixed 500 kohm range.

 mm3136A ohmC [range] : Sets the display #1 as ohmeter for tests of continuity.
             See the "ohm" mode for the syntax, remarks and examples.
Files (2)
[27.48 kB]
Miscellaneous file
ESCORT-3136A driver. exec() this file. Then in Scilab type
to display the help (see the main description above)
[176.78 kB]
ESCORT-3136A = FI-3136A device: front command pannel (for thumbnail)
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