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EX355P driver

Scilab serial driver for the TTI EX355P power supply
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Samuel Gougeon
Samuel Gougeon
Supported Scilab Version
Creation Date
April 15, 2015
function [out] = ex355p(handle,command,data)

 Scilab Driver for TTI EX355P power supply
  Several power supplies may be connected on their respective ports on the
  same computer. Each one will be addressed through its own handle.

  * Scilab >= 5 is required
  * Serial TCL toolbox 0.2 (E. Segre) must be loaded:
  * OS: For Windows or Linux. Mac OS X does not support this driver (TCL used)

 #1: Serial port number ('open' command), or handle returned by 'open'
     (for all other commands). See examples.
 #2: instruction to be performed by the device
 #3: (optional) needed data (voltage or current value to be set, ...)

 The power supply must be connected to the chosen serial port #1-9.
 Connexion parameters are: 9600 bauds, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit.
 port, 'open' : Open the RS-232 communication for the given RS-232 port.
          If port is a string, it must follow the format "COM#:" or
          '/dev/ttyS#' with # stating from 1 in the first case (Windows) and
          from 0 in the second case (Linux). Else, integer numbers from 0 to 9
          must be specified.
          out = handle (string) of the device whether the connexion is
                established, 0 otherwise.
 handle, 'close' : Close the RS-232 communication for the given device (handle)
          and frees the reserved port. out==1: OK ; out==0: KO

 After the 1st parameter = device handle (as returned by its 'open' command),
  the second parameter is the command (case-insensitive). It can be:
 "vset?" : returns the voltage setting (number in V)
 "v?"    : returns the actual voltage (number in V)
 "v", v  : sets the voltage to the value v (number in [0, 35] V)
 "iset?" : returns the current setting (number in A)
 "i?"    : returns the actual current delivered (number in A)
 "i", i  : sets the current intensity to the value i (in [0 ,5] A)
 "p?"    : returns the actual power delivered (number in W)
 "on"    : activates the power output. Returns 1 if OK, 0 if KO
 "off"   : cancels the power output. Returns 1 if OK, 0 if KO.
 "out?"  : returns the output status: 'ON' | 'OFF'
 "mode?" : returns the activated mode: "CC" | "CV"

           (Constant Current or Constant Voltage). The actual mode is 
            automatically set by the device according to the output load and 
            V and I settings. It is not possible to force it.
 "reset" : resets settings to Vset = 1V, Iset = 1A, no output
 "id?"   : returns the commercial identification of the device: 
 'err?'  : returns the error status: 
           'no error' | 'unknown command' | 'out of range'

 id = ex355p(3, "open"); // opens the serial com. through port #3,
                         // provided that the device is connected to this port
 ex355p(id, "vset", 3.5);  // sets U = 3.5 V
 ex355p(id, "iset", 2.14); // sets I = 2.14 A
 ex355p(id, "on");         // activates the output
 ex355p(id, "v?");         // reads out the actual voltage
 ex355p(id, "p?");         // reads out the actual power delivered
 ex355p(id, "off");        // stops the output
 ex355p(id, "id?");        // returns e.g. 'Thandar,EX355P,0,v2.00'
 ex355p                    // displays these heading comments as an help
Files (2)
[8.65 kB]
Miscellaneous file
EX355p driver. exec() this file. Then in Scilab, enter
-->ex355p  // to display the help (see the main description above)	  
[200.71 kB]
Screenshot: front panel of the device
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