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Design of the rocket nozzle optimum shape

Using of numerical method of characteristics for computation of optimum rocket nozzle shape
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Sahib Huseynov
Sahib Huseynov
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March 10, 2018
            It is offered a computational program which is developed in the Scilab
programming language for mathematical modeling of the problem of the optimal
design of the Laval nozzle shape of a rocket engine. For the algorithm of the
computational program, the method of characteristics was used. The program has
an important comments. Based on the results of numerical modeling (determination
of the optimum nozzle shape with maximization of the thrust force while
minimizing the nozzle length), it is performing an automatic plotting of the
optimum nozzle shape with preservation of the computed nozzle shape coordinates
in the form of tabular data. The computational program can be used, for
practical application and for engineering education in the relevant technical
disciplines too.            
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