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Title Last update Authors Downloads Summary Rating
Digitize 28/04/2017 Simon MARCHETTO 33 Digitize data from a 2D plot image
thermaSnap 29/10/2016 Samuel Gougeon 825 Driver for the ThermaSnap infrared thermographic camera (Inframetrics)
M X N array to One dimensional Time series conversion 23/04/2015 paawan sharma 188 This function converts m X n matrix to a one dimensional time series
One dimensional Time Series to M X N matrix conversion 23/04/2015 paawan sharma 184 This function converts a one dimensional time series to an array of M X N matrix given by user
Function to Calculate Row and Column Number provided pixel Number 10/04/2015 paawan sharma 196 Pixel Number to Row, Column detail
Automatic Lesion Segmentation 23/10/2014 davide poggiali 99 MS lesion segmentation by multithresholding
Dithering Grayscale Images 25/11/2013 Andreas Geissler 814 Ordered-Dithering of a GrayScale matrix with Bayer 1-3, Stucki 1-2, random
SIP - Scilab Image Processing Toolbox 17/10/2011 Ricardo Fabbri 728 read/write images in many formas; computer vision and image processing algorithms
Image Compression using SVD 08/05/2011 Aditya Sengupta 2859 This is an example of Image Compression in Scilab using Singular Value Decomposition
Character Recognition Example 07/03/2011 Chin Luh Tan 3384 This demo shows the recognition stage for the character recognition.