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Title Last update Authors Downloads Summary Rating
MLBS(PRBS) generator function 27/05/2010 Bibo Yang 2653 A function that generates PseudoRandom Binary Sequence
polyfit 05/10/2012 javier carrero 8610 polynomial fit of data sets
linfit 05/10/2012 javier carrero 2767 multivariate linear fit
libsvm 19/02/2014 roshini Lakshmanan 222 support vector data description
cummin(), cummax() 26/07/2015 Samuel Gougeon 1327 Cumulative minima and maxima of array's values
Gini coefficient 14/01/2016 Lukas Malec 1701 Computes the Gini coefficient as a basic measure of the inequality
Lorenz curve and corresponding data 14/01/2016 Lukas Malec 1697 Graphical representation of the cumulative distribution function
Fisher discriminant analysis with regularization 15/01/2016 Lukas Malec 1104 Basic method of multivariate analysis searching for the differences between groups
2x2 contingency 26/01/2016 Lukas Malec 1028 Analyses the relations within 2x2 contingency table
Contingency table 26/01/2016 Lukas Malec 1231 General contingency (two-way) table and corresponding relations
Linear estimate of future process 29/02/2016 Lukas Malec 1057 OLS based point and interval forecasts of the one-dimensional time series
Intercorrelations analysis 29/02/2016 Lukas Malec 1200 One of the pls methods studying relations between two groups
ellipfit, circfit 12/01/2018 Samuel Gougeon 3902 Fitting a circle or an ellipse on 2D given points
OLS linear regression 30/08/2019 Mario Maggi 518 Ordinary least square linear regression estimation
Quantile 01/09/2019 Mario Maggi 1013 computes the quantiles of a sample
Set 05/07/2022 Adam Nowak 0 123
asd 06/07/2022 asd asd 0 asd
asd" 06/07/2022 asd asd 0 asd"
asd" 06/07/2022 asd asd 0 asd"
asd" 06/07/2022 asd asd 0 asd"