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Title Last update Authors Downloads Summary Rating
Musical demos 22/06/2017 Paul BIGNIER 160 Four demonstrations showing a glimpse of Scilab's potential with music
Musical_demos6 22/06/2017 Paul BIGNIER 0 Four demonstrations showing a glimpse of Scilab's potential with music
Filtrage Numerique 07/08/2015 jean-claude maurin 3805 GUI Digital Filter IIR FIR
Shannon-Nyquist 11/05/2013 jean-claude maurin 1444 This script shows the Nyquist-Shannon theorem on sampling
Modulation ASK_FSK 11/05/2013 jean-claude maurin 3218 This script illustrates the ASK and FSK modulation
Modulation PSK_QAM 18/02/2013 jean-claude maurin 3877 This script illustrates the PSK and QAM modulation
OpenRTDynamics Toolbox for Scilab 21/11/2012 Christian Klauer 2533 A framework for signal processing and real time control implementations
VCD file checker and reader 25/10/2012 Paawan Sharma 755 This module checks a *.vcd file for number of signals , its properties
Signal Processing Using Scilab 25/02/2012 manas das 22984 This document gives an overview of signal processing using scilab
Peaks detector 24/11/2011 Jean-Luc GOUDIER 4415 Function peaks=peak_detect(signal [,threshold]) is a fast and simple peaks detection on a signal
Exemples de l'article elektor 110491 Scilab 30/08/2011 Vincent COUVERT 3414 Exemples de l'article elektor 110491 Scilab
Q function 06/04/2011 G V V Sharma 1025 The Q function, related to the complementary error function is used extensively in Comm Theory
Speech Analysis using LPC 13/03/2011 Chin Luh Tan 4268 A GUI for Speech Analysis using LPC