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Title Last update Authors Downloads Summary Rating
Triangulation in R^3 21/11/2013 Andreas Geissler 3396 3 points and three distances to 2 unknown points are given !
linear.sci 09/02/2011 robert coisson 1668 a function for a partial inversion of a matrix
Drawing Bezier Splines 25/11/2013 Andreas Geissler 2811 drawing cubic bezier splines in the 2D-plane
DiagonalMatrix 13/03/2014 Marcos Pinto 1315 Returns the diagonal matrix from a square matrix.
MATRIX ALGEBRA 15/01/2019 PREETIKA DHAWAN 0 This is an example of general matrix codes
Image Compression using SVD 08/05/2011 Aditya Sengupta 5578 This is an example of Image Compression in Scilab using Singular Value Decomposition