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OpenRTDynamics Toolbox

Set-up of signal based simulations within Scilab and realtime execution without code generation
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A more recent valid version with binaries for Scilab exists: 2.0
Christian Klauer
Christian Klauer
Supported Scilab Version
Creation Date
August 15, 2011
            The Real Time Dynamic Toolbox is a noval approach to the implementation of block
/ signal based schematics, commonly used in control engineering and signal
processing, for realtime usage (like Real-Time Workshop® or Scicos Code
Generation). It is suitable to create time discrete implementations, like one
would do in Scicos or Simulink, within Scilab-scripts (Matlab like) by using the
toolbox functions. This enables the programmer to create well structured code
which integrates design and implementation in one place and also enables
functional and object orientated design schemes. The latter makes it possible to
reuse parametrised functionality that may also change in its structure based on

The creation of the implementation doesn't involve source code compilation steps
and therefore can be easily integrated into other simulation frameworks e.g.
Scicos or used within other software by including a shared library

Further information is found on the projects website

24.9.2011 - updated version 0.99f            
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Version 0.99f
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Comment from Allan CORNET -- August 15, 2011, 06:56:03 PM    

Interesting module but, Have you planify to create a true ATOMS module ?

In current state, your contribution does not use template

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