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GUI for the Analysis, Design, Simulation & Control of Linear Systems in Continuous and Discrete Time
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A more recent valid version with binaries for Scilab exists: 2.0
J. Ernesto Velázquez L.
F. Ronay López E.
Ernesto Velazquez
Supported Scilab Version
Creation Date
September 29, 2010
            GUI for the analysis, design, simulation and control of linear systems in
continuous time and discrete. Initial target aims to provide an academic tool to
support students and teachers of the Control Theory.
It can also be used in other subjects (Analogue Electronics I, II, III, Signals
and Systems, etc) and in control systems analysis.
We can handle linear systems, with tools like: System Analysis in Frequency
Domain (Bode, Nyquist, Black), Simulation of a temporary in response to various
inputs (Step, Pulse, Square Wave, Random, Square Pulse, Sine) Design Drivers:
Automatic design of lead compensators and phase lag, PID tuning, Control Systems
by compensators, P, PI, PID.
Management System as the Transfer Function and Space of States, both may be in
continuous time or discrete time.            
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