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Curve Fitting for Ogden, Yeoh and Polynomial Models

Fits different order hyperelastic material models to tension/compression and simple shear data
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Michael Rackl
Michael Rackl
Administrator ATOMS
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Creation Date
May 31, 2015
            Three phenomenological hyperelastic material model formulations (Ogden,
Polynomial, Yeoh) were preselected from literature and had to be fitted to
closely match previously measured stress-stretch curves from uni-axial
compression/tension as well as simple shear measurements.

Information on the theoretical background can be found in [1] and [2].

The scripts were initially created with Scilab 5.4.1 and revised with Scilab

Feedback on the scripts is welcome.

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Comment from Michael Rackl -- June 27, 2016, 12:33:31 PM    
This comment has been deleted.
Comment from Yann DEBRAY -- March 5, 2017, 05:57:06 PM    
Dear Michael, 
I'm afraid the files are no longer present.
Could you upload them again in the new version ?
Yann @ Scilab
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