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Real-time Temperature Monitoring and Control

Fully open-source, low-cost solution to real-time temperature monitoring and control
(3700 downloads for this version - 7369 downloads for all versions)
A. Khorshidi
A. Khorshidi
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Creation Date
November 14, 2016
Revision: 14-Nov-2016 (v0.2)
Thanks to Gilberto Xavier, the script can now be run on Mac OS X platforms.

By surfing Scilab channel on Youtube, we can see a video which demonstrate how
to use Scilab and a NIDAQ card for PC-based data acquisition [1]. 
As we all know NIDAQ cards are expensive and these kinds of cards are not much
appropriate for educational purposes, of course IMO.   
So, why not use an open-source software, Scilab, with an open-source low-cost
hardware, Arduino? It's really dish up an incredible taste of freedom! Perhaps a
video may showcase this better:

Well, attached you will see a schematic of a simple circuit which can be used
for real-time temperature monitoring as well as ON/OFF control. 

Attached you will also find a Scilab script to run the GUI which is just a
preliminary version of what I intend to do. I'll try other communication
interfaces such as Ethernet and Wireless LAN later. 

At the end, I would like to thank Bruno Jofret, the author of the original GUI
[2], for his valuable work. 



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