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Display legends of numerous curves in a MultiColumns bloc
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A more recent valid version with binaries for Scilab exists: 2.0
Samuel Gougeon
Samuel Gougeon
Supported Scilab Version
Creation Date
February 25, 2013

[] = legends_multicolumn(Texts, Styles, Lpc, font_size,thickness, pos,with_box)
 For many curves & related legends, displays a multicolumn bloc of legends:
  - The shape of the bloc can be specified (Lpc)
  - Positionning with Logarithmic or/and reversed axes is supported
  - Lines styles and Markers styles are supported and can be mixed
    in the Styles vector, but without overlay (hybrid)
  - Lines thickness(es) can be specified

 Texts  : vector of legends
 Styles : vector of related lines or markers styles (integer indices)
          Styles(i)>0 = line color   -14<= Styles(i) <=-1 = marker
 Lpc>0 :  (maximal) number of Lines Per Column (integer)
 Lpc<0 : -(maximal) number of Columns per line (integer)
 with_box : boolean: if %T, draws the global box of legends (default)
 pos : position of the block:
      "ur" | 1 : in the upper right corner (default)
      "ul" | 2 : in the upper left corner
      "ll" | 3 : in the lower left corner
      "lr" | 4 : in the lower right corner
      "?"  | 5 : interactive positionning with the mouse
      [xr,yr]: relative coordinates 0 <= xr,yr <= 1 of the upper left
         corner of the block, with respect to the upper left corner
         of the data bounds area. [0,0] is equivalent to "ul"
 thickness: scalar or vector of lines thickness. If a vector is
    provided, its length must = Styles one

 DEMOS: run legends_multicolumn(..) with only 0 to 2 parameters:
   legends_multicolumn( with_box=%f )
   legends_multicolumn( Lpc=8, pos="?" )
   legends_multicolumn( Lpc=-3, pos="lr" )
   legends_multicolumn( font_size=2, pos="ll" )
   legends_multicolumn( pos="?", thickness=2 )
   legends_multicolumn( pos="lr", thickness=1+round(rand(1:19)) )
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Miscellaneous file
exec() this file. Then run
--> legends_multicolumn()
without input parameters in order to display the help and examples for demo. 
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