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Circle Visualization - 3 Point Method

Determine Circle center and Diameter using any 3 Points from circles circumference
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Pavitharan Velamoorthy
Pavitharan Velamoorthy
Supported Scilab Version
Creation Date
April 9, 2021
            Built with Scilab 6.1.0

Circle Visualization - 3 Point Method-V1.0
This Script can be utilized to compute the diameter and center of a circle
passing through any given 3 points.
Data Required:
*3 Points (x1,y1,x2,y2,x3,y3)
Steps to Run the Script:
*Execute the Script as Usual.
*In command window you will be prompted to enter those 3-Point one by one in
following order- x1-->y1-->x2-->y2-->x3-->y3
*After entering each value tap enter to proceed forward.
*After entering all values diameter and center of the circle will be displayed
in the command windows itself and a plot of the circle will be displayed on a
separate plot window.

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