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MKL for Scilab 5.5 30/08/2013 Allan CORNET 3148354 MKL for Scilab 5.5
CHM Help Files for Scilab 5.5 22/02/2013 Antoine ELIAS 571618 CHM Help Files for Scilab 5.5
Scilab on Usb key 16/12/2010 Allan CORNET 20899 Scilab on Usb key
Scilab SSE3 optimized 16/12/2010 12998 Scilab SSE3 optimized
Signal Processing Using Scilab 25/02/2012 manas das 12081 This document gives an overview of signal processing using scilab
Code colorization & completion for Scilab scripts within Notepad++ 18/04/2014 Samuel Gougeon 7412 Syntax colorizer + functions completion & args reminder for Scilab 5.4 scripts within Notepad++
Scilab Style for Notepad++ (user defined language syntax highlighting) 03/05/2011 adrien vogt-schilb 2621 Scilab Style for Notepad++ (user defined language syntax highlighting)
BIOE (Basic Input Output Elements) 27/11/2010 Weichinger Klaus 2115 A low-cost do it yourself open-hardware automation system
Computational Convex Analysis 03/10/2012 Yves Lucet 2024 Algorithms for manipulating and visualizing convex functions.
TelecomToolbox 08/02/2010 Albert TERRAS 1924 Similation of digital encoding (NRZ,Manchester) and ASK,PSK,FSK and QAM modulations
ADS_CoLiSyS 11/02/2012 J. Ernesto Velázquez L. F. Ronay López E. 1907 GUI for the Analysis, Design, Simulation & Control of Linear Systems-Continuous/ Discrete Time
optimization using scilab 25/02/2012 manas das 1878 This document gives an overview of optimization using scilab
Character Recognition Example 07/03/2011 Chin Luh Tan 1720 This demo shows the recognition stage for the character recognition.
Speech Analysis using LPC 13/03/2011 Chin Luh Tan 1565 A GUI for Speech Analysis using LPC
Exemples de l'article Elektor n° 403, janvier 2012 11/01/2012 Clement DAVID 1548 Xcos : modeleur/simulateur de systèmes dynamiques hybrides - exemples
Image Compression using SVD 08/05/2011 Aditya Sengupta 1387 This is an example of Image Compression in Scilab using Singular Value Decomposition
Contour3d 09/06/2010 A J Roberts 1290 Plots 3D contours, iso-surfaces, of function f on 3D lattice x,y,z
Exemples de l'article elektor 110491 Scilab 30/08/2011 Vincent COUVERT 1230 Exemples de l'article elektor 110491 Scilab
Spherical harmonics 03/03/2011 Tadayuki Nakajima 1099 Spherical harmonics that employ the Condon-Shortley phase
polyfit 05/10/2012 javier carrero 997 polynomial fit of data sets
schmidtplot 03/04/2011 lukas wischounig 975 the script draws great circles and points from tectonic data in a .xls file.
Peaks detector 24/11/2011 Jean-Luc GOUDIER 960 Function peaks=peak_detect(signal [,threshold]) is a fast and simple peaks detection on a signal
3D mesh export from Scilab to Blender 12/01/2013 Albert TERRAS 927 This program converts a matrix or a surface into a 3D mesh (.raw file) compatible with Blender.
Crystal Structure Animation 23/03/2011 Tadayuki Nakajima 907 3D plots of basic crystal structures by animation
Modulation PSK_QAM 18/02/2013 jean-claude maurin 901 This script illustrates the PSK and QAM with adjustable noise
dxf2sci 25/03/2011 lukas wischounig 861 loads dxf(r) entities to scilab
OpenRTDynamics Toolbox 21/11/2012 Christian Klauer 856 Set-up of signal based simulations within Scilab and realtime execution without code generation
Examples from Urroz book "Numerical and Statistical Methods with SCILAB" 17/02/2011 david adams 835 Code examples from book
Modulation ASK_FSK 11/05/2013 jean-claude maurin 815 This script illustrates the ASK and FSK modulation
Scilab 5.3 Style for UltraEdit 04/02/2011 Allan CORNET 783 Scilab 5.3 Style for UltraEdit
git from scilab 18/01/2011 Allan CORNET 768 use git from scilab
Physical Calculus 04/02/2010 D. MARION 767 Calculate with physical units.
Graphe_GUI 05/03/2011 Jean-Luc GOUDIER 707 Plot an x3 function with graphical interface (for teenager students)
complete graph 14/02/2011 david adams 688 Creates a complete graph with N vertices
wrscilib 16/03/2010 Werner Roethlisberger 671 Library for time, date, calendar, sun and moon pha, angle conversions, vba emulation, scale and more
Modelling, Simulation and Controlling of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine under Scilab/Xcos 18/05/2011 Ibrahim ERTURK 663 Modelling, Simulation and Controlling of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine under Scilab/Xcos
ellipfit, circfit 15/02/2012 Samuel Gougeon 659 Fitting a circle or an ellipse on 2D given points
Modelling, Simulation and Controlling of Brushless DC Machine under Scilab/Xcos 17/05/2011 Ibrahim ERTURK 649 Modelling, Simulation and Controlling of Brushless DC Machine under Scilab/Xcos
Adaptive Runge-Kutta 15/04/2011 Jakub Kopac 625 Adaptive Runge-Kutta of 4th order with step error control
ESCORT-3136A = FI-3136A multimeter 23/03/2012 Samuel Gougeon 620 Driver for the ESCORT-3136A (aka FI-3136A) (& ESCORT-3146A) multimeter
MLBS(PRBS) generator function 27/05/2010 Bibo Yang 615 A function that generates PseudoRandom Binary Sequence
Scilab style for gedit 07/02/2011 Sylvestre LEDRU 598 For syntax highlighting
circular shifts 03/11/2011 Samuel Gougeon 591 Circularly shifts components of a vector, matrix, hypermatrix of any data type along its dimensions
Load STL Files 07/03/2011 Pascal Buehler 581 Loading a STL-File
M38XR multimeter 24/02/2013 Samuel Gougeon 556 Driver + graphical monitor for the Meterman 38XR = Amprobe 38XR-A multimeters
Scilab style for UltraEdit 04/01/2011 Allan CORNET 548 Scilab style for UltraEdit
Zaber translation & rotation devices 02/11/2012 Samuel Gougeon 528 Serial driver for Zaber jack, translation, tilt and rotation stages
AG_fluid_dynamics 16/02/2011 david adams 527 Computational fluctuating fluid dynamics - RK3 alogorithm
linfit 05/10/2012 javier carrero 512 multivariate linear fit
Metrix OX8000 oscilloscopes series 16/04/2012 Samuel Gougeon 508 Serial driver for Metrix OX8040, OX8050, OX8100, OX8042, and OX8062 oscilloscopes
Plot in File 20/12/2011 Jean-Luc GOUDIER 486 Plot 2D directly in a .PBM file with Megapixel resolution
ISG500 Function Generator & frequency-meter 16/03/2012 Samuel Gougeon 475 Driver for ISG500 (& ISG1200) Function Generator & frequency-meter
Fan control / Temperature regulation - niDAQ Toolbox Demonstration 13/02/2013 Bruno JOFRET 474 Fan control / Temperature regulation - niDAQ Toolbox Demonstration
ellipsiod 17/02/2011 david adams 473 given coordinates and dimensions, function returns points for ellipsoid
Puffin 3D 23/02/2011 Allan CORNET 456 Puffin 3D
Filtrage Numerique 25/02/2014 jean-claude maurin 441 GUI Digital Filter IIR FIR
Scilab/Xcos Toolbox for Power Electronics and Electrical Machines 29/02/2012 Ibrahim ERTURK 440 Scilab/Xcos Toolbox for Power Electronics and Electrical Machines
linear.sci 09/02/2011 robert coisson 438 a function for a partial inversion of a matrix
Evaluate polynomial 20/03/2011 david adams 428 Evaluates a polynomial (either a poly or a vector) at a number
Q function 06/04/2011 G V V Sharma 425 The Q function, related to the complementary error function is used extensively in Comm Theory
Tone Recognition Tool - niDAQ Toolbox Demonstration 13/02/2013 Bruno JOFRET 421 niDAQ Toolbox Demonstration
Logistics Function 17/02/2011 david adams 418 Demonstrates bifurcation in Logistics function
legends_mc 27/02/2013 Samuel Gougeon 416 Display legends of numerous curves in a MultiColumns bloc
SIP - Scilab Image Processing Toolbox 17/10/2011 Ricardo Fabbri 415 read/write images in many formas; computer vision and image processing algorithms
point_in_polygon 16/02/2011 david adams 413 This algo finds if a point is inside a simple closed polygon
Shannon-Nyquist 11/05/2013 jean-claude maurin 393 This script shows the Nyquist-Shannon theorem on sampling
thermaSnap 24/02/2013 Samuel Gougeon 392 Driver for the ThermaSnap infrared thermographic camera (Inframetrics)
W3 Scilab 11/03/2010 Dr.C.N.Krishnan, R.Sathish Kumar 387 Web Interface to Scilab
OLP-15B optical power meter 15/03/2012 Samuel Gougeon 386 Driver for OLP-15B, OLP-16B & OLP-18B Acterna optical power meters
LDS1200 laser diode controler 05/07/2012 Samuel Gougeon 383 Driver for the Micos LDS1200 laser diode controler (YAG setup)
update fftw library for Win32 06/04/2011 Allan CORNET 347 update fftw library for Windows x86 Scilab 5.3.(0 and 1)
integratePoly 23/03/2012 Samuel Gougeon 335 Formal integration of a (hyper)matrix of polynomials
Colors Cube GUI 24/08/2011 Jean-Luc GOUDIER 329 Browse thousands of colors with an original GUI
FreeASM1 16/03/2012 Julien Laurent 319 Simulation of wastewater treatment by activated sludge process using ASM1 model equations
add blanks to a string 24/02/2011 david adams 309 Adds a specified number of blanks to front, back or both of a string
Equalis eConnect Beta 18/05/2011 Hanh Pham 308 displays RSS feeds from Scilab user support group forums and this File Exchange
Periodic Elements 16/10/2012 Pascal Buehler 295 This file has a mlist of the Atomic properties of the Elements
VCD file checker and reader 25/10/2012 Paawan Sharma 280 This module checks a *.vcd file for number of signals , its properties
BVPsolver (Improved) 21/02/2012 Brenton Horne 273 A correction to BVP solver. Solves all second order linear BVPs and IVPs on finite domains.
Export Scilab matrices to LaTeX 17/01/2014 adrien vogt-schilb 273 Quick and dirty export matrices to Latex and tools for building hybrid (string/number) matrices
NIST ITS-90 Thermocouples 10/09/2012 Pascal Buehler 271 This File has all Thermocouples from the NIST Website
Fast Chebyshev Transform 20/02/2012 Brenton Horne 264 The Fast Chebyshev Transform (FCT) at the points chebyshev extrema grid
2D 3D Polar Patterns 25/05/2014 Christian Leray 263 Tool to draw 2D and 3D polar patterns
solution of Raman-Nath equations 15/06/2011 robert coisson 259 solves (generalised) Raman-Nath equations, as in diffraction from a thick phase grating
isprime 17/04/2012 JFER GIRJ 258 calculates if a number is prime
check_video_card 14/01/2010 254 check video card drivers compatibility on Windows
Matrix and vector generator for Chebyshev Polynomials of the First Kind 20/02/2012 Brenton Horne 245 Generators of Chebyshev Polynomials of the First Kind and its 1st &2nd derivative matrices
CEMEF-UTN 25/06/2011 Marcos Cesar Ruggeri 242 Finite Element Analysis Module for Truss Structures
factors 14/01/2013 JFER GIRJ 240 Decomposes a number into prime factors. Output different from native sc "factor" function
Triangulation in R^3 21/11/2013 Andreas Geissler 238 3 points and three distances to 2 unknown points are given !
The Inverse Fast Chebyshev Transform (IFCT) 20/02/2012 Brenton Horne 234 The Inverse Fast Chebyshev Transform at the Extrema Grid
Thermoelement Type T 02/08/2012 Pascal Buehler 231 This file has all Datas for thermocupples type T
Tone Recognition - Labview-Scilab Gateway 13/02/2013 Bruno JOFRET 228 Tone Recognition - Labview-Scilab Gateway
RTD PT100 Platinum 12/10/2012 Pascal Buehler 210 This file has all datas for RTD PT100 Platinum
BVPsolver 20/02/2012 Brenton Horne 209 Solves second order BVPs and IVPs using the tau method.
Spiral Graph GUI 21/03/2011 david adams 196 Based on the toy Spirograph
Drawing Bezier Splines 25/11/2013 Andreas Geissler 140 drawing cubic bezier splines in the 2D-plane
Scilab 5.5.0 demo 09/04/2014 Bruno JOFRET 136 Scilab 5.5.0 demo
Dithering Grayscale Images 25/11/2013 Andreas Geissler 130 Ordered-Dithering of a GrayScale matrix with Bayer 1-3, Stucki 1-2, random
Calculator to calculate properties of dry air 31/12/2013 vijay marcel 111 calculation of Properties of dry air from 223 kelvin to 373 kelvin
strsubst() extended [substring replacement] 22/12/2013 Samuel Gougeon 91 Extensions: All occurrences replaced, multiple Pattern/Replace pairs, groups replacement
Heat Transfer from pin fin by Forced Convection 31/12/2013 vijay marcel 80 Heat transfer from pin fin by forced convection
combine 09/01/2014 JFER GIRJ 67 Combines a group of n-size elements arranged in a column in subgroups of k-size elements
Lorenz curve and corresponding data 01/04/2014 Lukas Malec 55 Graphical representation of the cumulative distribution function
Hart toolbox 03/07/2013 Holger Nahrstaedt 55 Hardware Access in Real-Time for scilab/xcos
DiagonalMatrix 13/03/2014 Marcos Pinto 46 Returns the diagonal matrix from a square matrix.
Gini coefficient 01/04/2014 Lukas Malec 40 Computes the Gini coefficient as a basic measure of the inequality
Real-time Temperature Monitoring and Control 13/07/2014 A. Khorshidi 26 Fully open-source, low-cost solution to real-time temprature monitoring and control
manrev2sci.xsl 23/06/2014 Clement DAVID 18 Convert Scilab 4.x help to the 5.x docbook-based format
libsvm 19/02/2014 roshini Lakshmanan 9 support vector data description
CAPE-OPEN Thermo Import 12/02/2010 Jasper van Baten 0 Import CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamic property and equilibrium calculations
WaterSteamPro 09/04/2010 Konstantin Orlov 0 Calculate properties of water, steam, gases and gases mixtures
Induction Machine Per Unit d-q Model ScicosLab and Scilab/Xco​s 14/05/2011 Ibrahim ERTURK 0 Induction machine per-unit dq model
openBLAS for Scilab 6.0 20/07/2011 Allan CORNET 0 openBLAS for Scilab 6.0
Decimal to fraction 19/03/2011 david adams 0 Changes a decimal number to a fraction